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Original Comic Art > Titan > 2008 > Transformers [UK] > Dan Khanna

Transformers [UK] #18 P9
Original Comic Art by Dan Khanna and Frank Milkovich

Transformers [UK] (2008) Pg 18 Pencils


Transformers [UK... #18


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Original Artwork


Issue Information

Date: September
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Publisher: Titan
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Genre: Science-Fiction
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; Toy Tie-In
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Story Title: Return to Cybertron Part 2
Writer: Simon Furman
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Letterer: Jimmy Betancourt/Comicraft
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Editor: Steve White
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Characters in Issue: Transformers
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Issue Synopsis:The Autobots are trying to hold Ironhide back, but he refuses to live with the knowledge he ran! So Stockade calmly smashes him into the ground. Bumblebee gets Ironhide to stay down and tries a diplomatic approach, telling the Decepticons that the Autobots' mission doesn't concern them at all and they haven't seen anything that they can identify anyway. Stockade, however, says he cannot allow them to leave Cybertron now they've seen the spatial anomaly‚ÄĒand throws a fit at the mention of Megatron, whose mad schemes involving the AllSpark left Cybertron to die! Stockade's small band of Decepticons refused to abandon their homeworld, though, and beamed energy from their Sparks on a sub-space carrier wave, believing any entity that detected the message would be a relation of the AllSpark and be attracted to Cybertron. And now that such an entity has arrived in the form of the energy anomaly, they're opening up Cybertron so the entity will fill it and rebirth the planet! On Earth, Camshaft's team are saving the town of Shallowater, Texas from another AllSpark-caused disaster, while Camshaft goes "WTF?!" over Optimus's plan to use Nucleon. It could save the Earth but, being a chimerical and oft-volatile substance, it could also blow the Earth to bits! But Optimus is ready to take that risk, as Earth is on the verge of collapse... On Cybertron, the Decepticons are merrily carrying on. Bumblebee knows they need to stop the Decepticons, as they're not only using up all the Nucleon but the entity can't be allowed into Cybertron. What they need is a distraction so he can get to the Decepticons' transmitter and alert Prime. Ironhide has the perfect distraction, which is to transform and start running people over while Armorhide and Arcee drive off going, "Neener neener, can't catch me!" At the White House, currently undergoing reconstruction, President Theodore Allen is meeting Mikaela Banes. He's decided she should be in his new "Let's all be brainwashed slaves of Starscream" initiative... On Cybertron, Stockade beats down Ironhide again. Incinerator reports the Nucleon was not transferred (not knowing Bumblebee is responsible) but that it doesn't matter, as the entity itself is providing the power needed to transfer it into Cybertron! Then the entity gives its name: Unicron.
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