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Original Comic Art > IDW Publishing > 2009 > Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance > Dan Khanna

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance #4 P6
Original Comic Art by Dan Khanna and Andrew Griffith

Transformers ROTF Defiance #4 Comic Pg 6 Inks

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Transformers: Re... #4


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Dan Khanna AND Andrew Griffith FEATURING CHARACTER MegatronDecepticons,Transformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Movie Prequel: Defiance

Issue Information

Date: January
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Publisher: IDW Publishing
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Genre: Science Fiction
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; Toy
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; Movie
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Story Title: Defiance, Part 4
Writer: Chris Mowry
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Letterer: Chris Mowry
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Editor: Denton J. Tipton
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Issue Synopsis:Far from Trypticon, Captain Ironhide wanders far away from the city, his thoughts occupied elsewhere. Suddenly, he is ambushed by Cliffjumper. When Ironhide readies his ion cannons, four more Autobot soldiers surround him. Ironhide lowers his weapon, saying that he doesn't want to fight, that there's nothing for him back at Trypticon, and that the tide has changed. Jazz reports this to Prowl, who responds by asking him to bring Ironhide to Optimus Prime. Inside a hidden base, Optimus requests to Prowl to make the base isolated, with Prowl agreeing to this. Ironhide enters, repeating his word about not wanting to fight. Optimus asks Ironhide why he's at the base, to which he replies that he wants to join Prime's forces. Ironhide then fills in Optimus about Megatron forming his large army. Ironhide is a soldier made for war, and Optimus' group isn't. Optimus corrects him, saying that everyone are brothers born from the All Spark. Ironhide counters that some Cybertronians believe in chaos and destruction, and that some of the troops that used to serve with Ironhide are now with Megatron's Decepticons. Optimus asks why he left and how he found them. Ironhide says that he has no desire to kill innocents, and that Prime's group is innocent. The Autobot leader dismisses being referred to as a "Prime", but Ironhide said that his Autobot team called him that. Optimus asks Ironhide how he knew, to which he replied that he had been listening to Prime's group for solar cycles. Ironhide asks Prime to trust him, as he isn't all punch and no processing. On Trypticon, Megatron oversees the progress of the Nemesis, then later on, enters his quarters. Megatron reports the Nemesis' progress to the mysterious "relic". The "relic" promises that once they find the Matrix, the power of the All Spark will be theirs, and that the entity inside the relic will return. Megatron promises to free him, but the relic replies "only after it has been found". The "relic" notes that there are parallels in their existence, and tells Megatron not to make the same mistakes that he made, and that he must strike swiftly with no hesitation, because it drives the Decepticons into conquest and destruction, all for the sake of power... ...of the All Spark. It held tremendous power, the same one that created the entity's kind. As the All Spark energy gave the "creatures" life, they soon realized that its power wasn't limitless and had to be replenished and restored. As if on cue, an exploding star recharged the All Spark. But when the planet's landscape changed due to the All Spark, the "creatures" realized that they need to find another energy source. Though the creatures possessed the ability to jump between dimensions, they were helpless in locating a star, but as before, the All Spark had the "solution": it created workers, but they were not like the "creatures". They were special, in that they were the first breed of Transformers, in which they had the ability to transform into different forms. Some of these Cybertronians were able to travel across space. They were called "Seekers", and when they found a star, they led the "creatures" to it. Once a star was found, the entity and his "brothers" traveled by "dimension-hopping", but they needed help harvesting the star. In response, the workers built a "harvester" and activated it, which would give the All Spark the power it needed. But then, the entity decided to have the power to himself, and decided to act. When preparing to claim the All Spark, he tried to erase the existence of his "brothers", but when his strength was nearly gone, he made his mistake. The "brothers" survived, but sacrificed themselves to seal the entity in his sarcophagus. And so he has remained in his "tomb" until the Harvester is located again, and then, the entity will have his revenge. Megatron promises to help him. Once the Nemesis is built, he will travel the galaxy to look for the last Harvester. The Decepticons will find it, conquer other planets, and crush anyone standing in their way. The entity decides to come along to ensure this. Megatron tries to say that they both will, but the entity says that only he will go, and that Megatron will remain on Cybertron and await his return. Megatron tries to ask for his help, but the entity forcefully and angrily quiets him. The entity orders Megatron to gather his crew once the Nemesis is built, and compliments him on his large army, while also ordering him to kill anyone opposing Megatron. Megatron says that he has scattered them, and will make them pay for their betrayal. The entity suggests that if they don't wish to serve the most powerful army on Cybertron and in the galaxy, then they may find a different side. Outside Trypticon, Bumblebee and Arcee manage to take pictures of the Nemesis, and report this to Optimus. After looking at the images, Optimus ponders about why the Decepticons wanted to build something that would hold thousands of Cybertronians. Ironhide doesn't have a clue, while Prowl thinks that Megatron is using it to abandon Cybertron. Optimus believes that Megatron will use it himself, and that Megatron is intentionally doing it to send his troops out to the galaxy. Jazz asks if the Autobots should have their own ship. Optimus considers it, but thinks that it will be used to hide his group. Ironhide chimes in, stating that it doesn't have to be a transport ship, and that there's one hidden somewhere that was salvaged a long time ago. If they repair it in secret, it would help them. As the Nemesis nears completion, Megatron surveys the ship, then asks Soundwave to join his troops as they enter the ship. Once inside the ship, Megatron has a private conversation with the "relic". The "relic" is pleased at Megatron's progress, and tells him that once he locates the Harvester, he will return... and Megatron will be rewarded while remaining full rule of Cybertron. And as the group of Decepticons gather inside the ship, Arcee and Bumblebee are taking notice of this. As the Nemesis left Cybertron, the Transformers were left at a disadvantage. The Decepticons' recruitment became smaller, while the Autobots' ranks swelled. Just as Megatron traveled across Cybertron looking for soldiers to recruit to his cause, Optimus did the same, discovering brave citizens wanting to be free from Megatron's rule. With the Autobots ready, they fought back against the Decepticons, raiding munitions and storage facilities. But as the frequency of their battles grew, so did the scale of battle, and over time, casualties mounted. As time went on, Cybertron was devastated by the endless fighting between the two factions, with both sides never gaining the advantage. Optimus realized that he will never know when the war will end. After many, many stellar-cycles of fighting, Optimus does the unimaginable. He makes the decision to capture the All Spark, saying that Cybertron is being destroyed by their actions, and that it must end. The ship which they had repaired in secret has been ready. Now it is time for the Autobots to take their destiny. However, the ship cannot hold all Autobots, so Optimus asks fore volunteers to enter the ship. Those that remain must come up with an alternate escape plan. With that, Optimus readies the Autobots for their final move. In the sequence of events that soon followed, the All Spark was shot into space. Megatron, seeing the All Spark flying out of Cybertron, believes that with this action, Optimus Prime was showing cowardice, and with no time to spare, follows the Cube. Unable to use a space bridge, Megatron followed the All Spark, but just as he closed in on it, he picked up a distress signal from the Nemesis. Entering, he finds it abandoned and Megatron calls for his master. The "relic" appears from below and asks Megatron if he found it yet. Megatron proceeds to tell the "relic" that the All Spark has sent into space, and that it continued to travel when he received the signal. The "relic" is furious, saying that if he had his strength back, he would kill him, but instead, the "relic" orders him to resume pursuing the All Spark. If it is freed from Cybertron, it will lead to where the Harvester is. Megatron continues to chase the All Spark, while Optimus and his crew are inside their ship. Light years away, the All Spark's journey will come to an end, its energy like a beacon for anyone within its range. Megatron follows, weak but determined to claim the All Spark, as his master ordered. However, Megatron doesn't have the strength to survive his landing and ends up lost in Earth's cold elements, trapped in a frozen tomb. All Megatron can do is wait... after all, freedom is only a matter of time.
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