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Original Comic Art > Marvel > 2008 > Ms. Marvel > Adriana Melo

Ms. Marvel #26 P14
Original Comic Art by Adriana Melo and Mariah Benes

Ms. Marvel Is Imprisoned


Ms. Marvel #26


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Original Artwork

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Finished Comic Page


Issue Information

Date: June
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Publisher: Marvel
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Genre: superhero
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Story Title: Secret Invasion Part Two
Writer: Brian Reed
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Letterer: Dave Sharpe
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Characters in Issue: S.H.I.E.L.D.
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  Sleepwalker [Rick Sheridan]
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  Machine Man [Aaron Stack]
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  Wonder Man
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  Ms. Marvel
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  Ms. Marvel [as William Wagner] [Skrull]
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  Super Skrull
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Issue Synopsis:Thinking that Ms. Marvel is a Skrull, her Lightning Storm forces try to bring her down; During the battle, a second Ms. Marvel shows up to the party; Both are taken into SHIELD custody and Sum tries to figure out which Ms. Marvel is the real deal; The real Carol is confronted by Sum and, believing him to be a Skrull himself, she attacks; When a second Sum comes into play, the first transforms into a Super Skrull and attacks; Ms. Marvel takes down the Super Skrull; The Skrull Ms. Marvel claims that Carol's boyfriend, William Wagner, was really a Kree, and to top it off, he isn't really dead.
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