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Original Comic Art > Image > 1997 > Backlash > Juvaun Kirby

Backlash #28 P21
Original Comic Art by Juvaun Kirby and John Tighe

Haroth Raises Atlantis!

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Original Artwork

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Issue Information

Date: January
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Publisher: Image
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Genre: Superhero
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Story Title: Main Story
Writer: Sean Ruffner
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; Brett Booth
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Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
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Characters in Issue: Antonio Giovanni Haroth
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  Dingo (Kindred)
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  Denise Wright
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Issue Synopsis:At Department P.S.I. headquarters in Quantico, Virginia, The wizard Azrum tells an amazing tale to those gathered in the meeting room: Backlash, Taboo, Dingo, Jodi, and Giovanni. He says he recognized the ring around Jodi's neck as a symbol of Kherubim royalty. Backlash's father, Lord S'ylton, was the ruler of the city of Atlantis. He appointed three human wizards as advisors: Tapestry, Haroth, and Azrum. They came up with a plan to defeat the D'rahn, an alien race who had been preying on mankind since the beginning of time. However, the plan relied on S'ylton's first knight, Ferrian, who fled with the royal heir (Backlash). S'ylton finally lured the D'rahn into the mystical Scroll of Displacement, where he and the D'rahn would be imprisoned forever. Haroth wants to free the D'rahn from the scroll because they have the ability to advance a being to the next stage of evolution and Haroth wants them to do that for him. However, he needs a key to deactivate the spell, and that key is the ring Jodi wears on a necklace. Azrum says that Haroth's lust for power has blinded him to the fact that the D'rahn will overpower the entire planet if they are set free, so he must be stopped. Backlash is angry and doesn't believe Azrum's story, so he sends him away. While Amanda and the others try to convince him to listen to the wizard, Dingo gets a funny feeling. Suddenly, Haroth and a host of demons teleport into the meeting room and a fight breaks out. Haroth subdues Backlash and then uses magic to force Jodi to hand over the ring. However, Taboo sees this and rushes to her aid. Her claws cut right through Haroth's magical shields, much to his surprise. Taboo tries to bite his neck, but he flings her away,saying, "Unhand me, vampire!" Meanwhile, the others win the fight against Haroth's demons and, finding himself outnumbered and low on power, he teleports away with the ring. Backlash says he still doesn't believe all of Azrum's story, but he will help stop Haroth. A short time later, over the Sea of Crete, we see Haroth use the key and the scroll to raise the city of Atlantis from the bottom of the ocean!
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