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Sketch Maven Comic Artist Interviews
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Since 2010, Sketch Maven talks with an up-and-coming or seasoned comic professional about his/her background, influences, and tips for success in the comic book business.  Check out some of our favorite interviews below and learn some things you never knew about your favorite comic pros!


This Week's Comic Artist Profile: Mario AlbertiMario Alberti Artist Profile

Mario Alberti is an Italian comic book artist with a diverse body of work to his credit in his twenty year career. In 2000 Alberti teamed-up with Luca Enoch to co-write a project for the French market: Morgana. Soon after, Alberti joined Kurt Busiek to create the new series Redhand. Since then he has done several covers for DC Comics including Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Dr. Fate and Shadowpact. In 2008 he joined Chris Gage in producing the critically acclaimed mini series X-Men & Spider-Man. The Cage and Alberti created a follow up in 2010: Spider-Man & The Fantastic Four.

Click here to check out our interview with Mario Alberti



Mario Alberti Ethan Nicolle Fred Perry
Jared K. Fletcher
Mario Alberti Artist Profile Ethan Nicolle Artist Profile Fred Perry Artist Profile Jared K Fletcher Artist Profile
X-Men/Spider-Man/Fantastic Four Axe Cop, Axe Cop: Bad Guy Earth Gold Digger, Time Lincoln
Stranger Fictions, Marvel & DC












Les McClaine George Amaru Joe Badon
Wilfred Santiago
Les McClaine Artist Profile George Amaru Profile Joe Badon Profile Wilfred Santiago Profile
The Tick New Series, Jonny Crossbones
Havoc 21 Dune, Master Spy; Johnny Dingo
21, Milestone Comics













Derf Scott Gross
Art Baltazar Pt 1
 Art Baltazar Pt 2
Derf Artist Profile Scott Gross Profile Art Baltazar Artist Profile Art Baltazar Artist Profile
My Friend Dahmer,  The City
Looney Tunes, Scooby Doo
Tiny Titans, Young Justice, Billy Baston
Tiny Titans, Young Justice, Billy Baston













Erich Origen
Leisl Adams
Jeffrey Brown
Thom Zahler
Erich Origen Profile Leisl Adams Profile Jeffrey Brown Artist Profile Thom Zahler Artist Profile
 The Adventures of Unemployed Man
On the Edge, Pixies
Clumsy, Incredible Change-Bots Love and Capes 












David Miller
Hal Hefner
Chris Giarrusso
Will Sweeney
David Miller Artist Profile Hal Hefner Artist Profile Chris Giarrusso Artist Profile Will Sweeney Artist Profile
Avatar of the Futurians  Heavy Metal: Gates
Mini Marvels, G-Man
Le Morte D' Arthur, Cartoon Network











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