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Sketch Maven: About Us
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Sketch Maven About Us: Overview

Who We Are

We here at Sketch Maven love comics and original comic artwork in all of its forms.   We  believe that every comic fan should have a piece of original artwork hanging on his or her wall- one that no one else in the world owns.  We have thousands of pieces for every comic fan to pore over.  Are you looking for that perfect piece of art?  With our advanced technologies we can help you find what you want.  And if you are an artist or collector looking to sell artwork, we make it as simple as possible to post your products and find the right buyer!

What We Do

Sketch Maven is a marketplace where those looking to buy comic art can find those looking to sell comic art.  The process is simple: artists, dealers, and collectors upload their collections onto the website and post a price for each piece.  Then, buyers can use any number of search functions to find what they’re looking for, add it to their shopping cart, and make the purchase by credit card or PayPal.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an outstanding customer experience for both buyers and sellers, and make original comic art a more accessible hobby for all fans.  Maybe we’re softies, but we believe that owning a piece of artwork from your favorite childhood comic or something you read the other week is something special.  We want to make finding and buying it as easy as possible. 

Sketch Maven About Us: Our Website

How it Works – For Buyers

Buyers can browse by artist, character or writer or they can perform more complex searches.  Clicking on the “Smart Search” button let's you see all the other options.  You can search by title, penciler, inker, writer, publisher, character on the page, character in the issue, or seller ID- and any combination thereof.  And even when you get to any product page, you can search further by clicking on any underlined word on the right hand side.  There you can search for certain sized artwork, letterer, you name it!  Seriously, we think it's pretty cool.

Once you’re ready to purchase, simply go through the checkout process and make your payment by credit card or PayPal.  Then it takes usually 7-10 days for the art to arrive.  (We even make shipping fees simple: depending on what a seller chooses, shipping is either free or $10 for any size order from that seller.)

While you’re waiting, you can start picking out the perfect spot in your home or office to hang it up.

How it Works – For Sellers

Sellers can upload their pieces of artwork in a few easy steps.  First, create a Sketch Maven account.  Then, click on “Upload Your Art”, and select the title and issue.  The rest of the issue information (i.e., penciler, inker, etc.) should update automatically from our database.  Our database contains over 250,000 comics, so chances are we’ll have your artwork already there.  However, if it does not update automatically, you can add it yourself.

Then, you fill out the page information, upload the picture, add some other information (i.e., is there a signature on the page, which characters that appear on the page, etc.), and your page is immediately active!

Once a sale is made, Sketch Maven collects the money from the buyer, and then sends a check to you when the buyer receives the artwork.  For more specifics, feel free to view the User Agreement.

And if you prefer, we also offer a Full Service offering where we will scan, post, inventory and fulfill your original comic art for you.  If you prefer this offering, please contact us at support@sketchmaven.com for more details.

Key Benefits

Sketch Maven was created by collectors, for collectors.  As such, there are many benefits to both buyers and sellers at Sketch Maven.  Here are just a few:  

* Reach the most buyers & sellers – Sketch Maven is putting a lot of marketing muscle behind getting the word out: full-page ads in major comic publications, booths at the major 2010 conventions, and a multi-tiered internet campaign.   Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.   

* Sell without time constraints – Unique products deserve a unique site. Seven-day auction formats in other sites restrict your ability to find the right buyer. Sketch Maven is a site that allows you to list your pages without time constraints, giving you a perpetual sales presence.  

* Search by artist, character, title and much, much more—Did we mention how cool the Search feature is? 

* We’ll advertise for you—If you're an independent artist selling on Sketch Maven, we'll advertise in your comic or website.  And if you're selling stuff on our site, we will advertise your artwork through our extensive sales channels to ensure you get the price you want.

* Just call if you need help –We’re not a mega-conglomerate with an unreachable, “helpless” help desk.  If you ever need help or have a question, you’re just a phone call, email, or IM away from a quick, personal answer.

Sketch Maven About Us: Our Company

How We Got Started

Sketch Maven was founded by Mike Todasco.  Like many of you, Mike got hooked on comic books at a young age, and his loyalties bounced between Marvel and DC for most of his youth.  Before he was even a teenager, he saw the original cover art of his favorite series at the Chicago Comicon.  Being a "poor pre-teen," he didn’t buy it, and has since regretted passing up such a great piece of art   He has looked extensively across the  web and has never been able to find that it.  That was the inspiration for Sketch Maven; he realized that there are a lot of people out there like him who can’t find a particular piece they’d love to have.  After months of research, interviews, and programming Sketch Maven was born.

How We Make a Profit

Sketch Maven does not currently accept advertising as we believe it devalues the user experience on the site.  We only make money when transactions are completed on the website and we've set up a very competitive fee structure that gives sellers the maximum margin and helps us "keep the lights on." We never charge more than a variable rate of 10% for any sale, and that includes all your credit card fees.

Continuous Innovation

We are constantly making improvements to the website and adding enhanced functionality.  (We are adding features both big and small every week.)  To do this right, we need to hear your feedback, comments, and suggestions.  So please let us know what you would like to see.  And do check out our Coming Soon page to see what is already in the works.

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Sketch Maven About Us: Contact Us

If you have any questions, comments or feedback you can reach us via email at support@sketchmaven.com, via instant message, by phone at (408) 37-COMIC or by mail at 2784 Homestead Road #160, Santa Clara, CA 95051.

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